Scott, ENCO pact for SS32, Google Radio clients


The last Google AdSense ads have all run, ending yesterday (Sunday).  However, a new partnership gives choices to Google Automation’s legacy SS32 radio automation users.  Remember, Dave Scott, former CEO of Scott Studios, had designed the SS32 system, which was bought by DMarc, which was bought by Google. Now Scott and ENCO Systems, another leading provider of Digital Audio Delivery Systems, are teaming to service and support SS32 stations.  The venture is Scott-ENCO. The new ENCO “Presenter” is also similar to the SS32.

“If I hadn’t sold Scott Studios, what I would be doing now is very similar to Presenter,” Scott tells RBR.

“I’ve rehired a number of my best techs after Google laid them off,” says Scott.  “We’ll support and tune-up software and hardware for SS32 systems. Scott-ENCO will provide new options for this great gear.  Tons of SS32 owners have asked me to do this.  In partnership with ENCO, we’ll maintain SS32 systems affordably.  If upgrades are appropriate, Scott-ENCO has great hardware and the experience to deliver the best bang for the buck.”

“It’s exciting to team with Dave Scott to deliver the support these stations want,” says Gene Novacek, President of ENCO Systems. Novacek adds, “For stations that have outgrown their software, our new Presenter, developed with valuable input from Dave Scott, is the most user-friendly available.  Yet it’s an affordable upgrade that adds considerable new power and features.”

“I’m sure that good support will be available for SS32 from the ‘factory’”, says Novacek.  “However, we hear questions from SS32 users.  We’ll provide a choice for support and another upgrade path,” Novacek continues.  Scott adds, “With the inventor of SS32 now teaming with a dependable radio support organization, our combined track record speaks for itself.”

Support and service are available beginning 6/1 by calling 1-248-603-2400.  The website is .

RBR/TVBR observation: We’ve heard potential buyers are still kicking the tires at Google Radio in Dallas. There will still likely be a purchase, but what could happen is they would buy it, shut it down and say stations have a year or less to buy an updated/new product—or the product support would not be offered. This is why the Scott-Enco option might be a good deal for existing users. The functionality remains, without the Google name or upgraded product purchase price from a new owner.