Seaside LPTV CP headed for new owner


W14DK-D is licensed to be constructed at Dagsboro, a community a few miles in from the Atlantic Ocean shoreline in the southern portion of Delaware. Blue Bird Broadcasting is stepping up to be the operator once the station goes on the air.

Blue Bird’s principal is Charles Bennett. The seller for the station is Ocean Broadcasting LLC, headed by Scott Boatman.

The price for the station will be $150K – some of which will benefit Bennett in the final analysis.
Bennett is plunking down a $30K deposit, and in addition to that will be making an advance payment of $75K. He’ll only pay $5K more in cash on closing day.

According to the contract, the remaining $40K will be “on hold” by the buyer for the purchase of equipment, labor to install equipment and the seller’s attorney fees.

The station is in the beach resort area on the Delmarva Peninsula. A key town on the northern part of that stretch of shoreline is Rehoboth Beach DE, and perhaps THE key town, on the southern end is Ocean City MD. The W14DK-D signal will hit right smack between those two communities without throwing a primary contour over either.