‘Seattle 6’ Secured: Denver TV Outfit Sells Tacoma LPTV


Years ago, you could mistake the news for a Supersonics NBA trade report.

Alas, the Seattle Supersonics now play in Oklahoma City. And, the “Seattle 6” we are talking about has nothing to do with a local sports team.

It’s actually a low-power TV station based in Tacoma, and it is being sold by Denver Digital Television.

The seller is handing the LPTV to Seattle Broadcasting Co., and is getting KDMD-LD 6 in Tacoma for $850,000.

Terms call for a $150,000 payment in cash, at closing.

Further, the buyer is paying “advanced sums” to help build the station, as it must do so by April 28, 2020 in order for its license to remain active.

A 1kw amplifier, a Scala antenna, and installation expenses for a tower are to be covered.

Then, there is a Promissory Note, with 7% interest per annum on the principal, amortized over 84 months by a monthly payment of $6,500, with the first such payment due 60 days after closing. At the end of 60 months, the remaining balance shall be paid in a balloon payment.

Seattle 6 Broadcasting is led by Scott Centers; Denver Digital is headed by Penny Drucker.