Senate vote on FCC candidates may be on tap


U.S. CongressA senator from the home state of one of the two nominees to become FCC commissioner sent out a tweet that indicates a vote on both may be imminent.

The Republican candidate, Ajit Pai, is a native of Kansas, and as The Hill points out, it is customary for the senators with a constituent up for confirmation to be kept in the loop as to what’s going on.

That is why Sen. Jerry Moran (R-KS) was the otherwise unlikely member of the body to let out word of an impending vote on Pai’s candidacy.

Moran tweeted, “Senate will vote on FCC nominee Ajit Pai on May 7. If confirmed, Ajit will be first Kansan to serve since ’71.”

The Democratic candidate is Jessica Rosenworcel.

Both have been subject to a hold from Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), a tactic used by Grassley to express his displeasure with the FCC over dealings concerning a proceeding involving proposed 4G spectrum allocations to LightSquared. He has recently announced his intention to release the hold.

Moran is the unlikely source of FCC info because he is not a member of the Commerce Committee, nor have we ever noticed his name come up in connection to any communications-related legislation.