Send the “suits” packing


The Citadel debacle is the latest example of what happened when Radio was taken over by the "suits" on Wall Street who did not have a clue as to what the Radio business is about.

Does anyone except me remember when TV was supposed to destroy the Radio industry?  It survived and thrived!  Every time the industry has had its obituary written it has bounced back and grown.  It did so because of the talented people, not because it decided to enter a new industry.

For the life of me I cannot understand why we are now seeing a desire to become Internet gurus rather than focusing on doing Radio well and reaping the benefits because of our incredible listeners.  They are worthy of advertisers paying to reach!

Speaking of "reach", I was recently astounded to read the statement of one of the "suits" saying, "We really need to sell the reach of radio."  That’s something I did, quite successfully for many years!  How, When, and Why Radio got hooked into this TV Rating Point fiasco I never understood.  If the record is checked I’d be willing to bet it was done by someone other than a "Radio Person"!

Radio will rebound when "Radio People" return to running the industry.  Call me a dreamer but I can see that happening!

Mike Mitchell

Retired(by Suits!)