Shadow episodes emerge


That’s the world from classic radio publisher Radio Spirits. It says long-lost episodes of “The Shadow: Knight of Darkness” starring no less an iconic entertainer than Orson Welles and dating back to 1938 have been unearthed. It’s offering them – there are two – as part of a package of 18 episodes, on compact disc.

RBR/TVBR observation: We mention this in passing, not as a suggestion that you get your Rocker or AC or Country outlet to break format for Mr. Welles, but as a reminder that back in the day the block-programming format of radio was completely different than how it’s programmed today. The niche music and/or talk formats employed now may soon be just as obsolete as block has been for decades. So put on your thinking cap. Whoever spots the new brilliant use for the radio medium is going to be the one sitting in the biggest mansion on the Florida coast 20 years from now.