Shield back in the saddle again


For the seventh time, the Senate Judiciary Committee will attempt to mark up S. 448, Free Flow of Information Act of 2009. The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 10/29/09 at 10AM.

At this point, we half expect that any distraction at all will be enough to knock it back into the held-over category. Well, distractions are readily available – there are three nominations and three other bills on the agenda.

Also on the Senate schedule next week is a Commerce Committee hearing on “Oversight of the Broadband Stimulus Programs in the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.” This is only of extremely peripheral interest to broadcasters, but if you miss getting a chance to see former FCC Commissioner Jonathan Adelstein in action, he will be one of the witnesses in his new role as Administrator, Rural Utilities Service, U.S. Department of Agriculture.

RBR-TVBR observation: At this point, we say either mark it up and let it proceed to the Senate floor, or buy it a costume and let it go trick-or-treating over the weekend. It deserves SOME kind of a break.