Sinclair’s Korean Accords Further NextGen TV In The U.S.


For many in the U.S., Sinclair Broadcast Group is viewed as the owner of broadcast TV stations and the parent of Bally Sports regional sports networks. But, Sinclair is perhaps the one free-to-air TV station owner that’s done more to advance ATSC 3.0 in the U.S. than its peers.

Now, Sinclair has taken another step designed to further the development and implementation of NextGen TV not only stateside, but in South Korea.

Sinclair has entered into agreements with broadcast networks Korean Broadcast System (KBS) and Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) to collaborate on ATSC 3.0 business models and technology.

The collaboration includes the development of NextGen Broadcast television technology and Data Distribution as a Service (DDaaS) business opportunities using the ATSC 3.0 broadcast standard.

In conjunction with the agreements with Sinclair, Hyundai Mobis and KBS demonstrated NextGen delivery of video and data services to a test automobile deployed around Seoul, delivering targeted content using the NextGen standard.

MBC provided an enhanced GPS signal that corrected the GPS signal from 3 meters to 3 centimeters.

Both technical demonstrations were powered by CAST.ERA, the joint venture between Sinclair and SK Telecom. 

Commenting on the agreements, Sinclair President/CEO Chris Ripley said, “Sinclair’s collaboration with KBS and MBC will help establish roadmaps for development and implementation of NextGen mobile TV and DDaaS technologies. As we continue to lead the evolution of these technologies and further their practical application, we look forward to building new business models around these exciting NextGen opportunities.” 

Sinclair executives discussed some of these revolutionary NextGen applications at KOBA, the 30th annual Korea International Broadcast, Audio & Lighting Equipment Show, which was held in Seoul on June 29. 

Del Parks, Sinclair’s President of Technology, addressed the new revenue-enhancing capabilities and business models enabled by NextGen TV; Mark Aitken, Sinclair’s SVP of Advanced Technology and President of ONE Media 3.0, discussed the complex deployment of the services in the U.S. and Sinclair’s efforts with the ATSC to promote adoption of the ATSC standard in India and other countries around the world. 

“Cooperation with our South Korean partners will allow us to bring exciting new services to the communities we serve, and datacasting is essential to the reimagining of broadcast spectrum use,” Parks said. “We have just begun to explore ways to supplement the use of our channels, and we look forward to working with our Korean colleagues.” 

KBS President Eui-Chul Kim commented, “As Korea’s leading public media organization, KBS is interested in revitalizing the ATSC 3.0 receiver market including vehicles and mobile devices, developing disaster broadcasting technologies, and discovering various innovative service models that combine terrestrial broadcasting and 5G communication technologies.” 

Sung-Jae Park, President of MBC, added, “I hope that the ATSC 3.0 Enhanced GPS technology, which has succeeded in commercialization in Korea, will be expanded to the U.S. self-driving mobility market in cooperation with the three companies. ” 



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