Sirius XM drops Fox Business Channel


On 12/27/08, Sirius XM dropped Fox Business Channel from its lineup—but this time it wasn’t over failed contract negotiations as was the case with Fox News Channel and Sirius a while back. This time it is just part of the ongoing channel tweaking after the merger.


  1. I want Sirius XM to reinstate Fox Business Channel. I am a longtime customer of XM before it merged with Sirius. I am also a very good
    believer in the Fox News and its other channels. At least they report
    things the way they are instead of the main media not covering stories
    that may not agree with the network. We, as the public, have the right to
    listen to an objective station instead of one so biased as the competitors. Look at
    the cover-up of Bengzia that took four lives. The President should be held accountable,
    instead of him always blaming someone else for his incompetence.

    I look forward to hearing from you. There are many of us that are your
    customers, that like and are loyal to FOX!!!!
    We expect to see Fox Business Channel to be reinstated ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    By the way, obama used his executive order to give congress raises, while
    the rest of us tax payers pay for his reckless spending.

    • I am glad that XM dropped Fox News. I wish everyone would. Please do not reinstate Fox, or I will drop my subscription

      • I just dropped Sirius. Talk about censorship! The most popular news on TV – the only place to go to get another viewpoint – other than the government run media! Wake up America – this is really happening in your country!

        • I sold all my stock in SIRI if they can do this then I don’t want anything to do with them maybe next they will enlist aljazzera into they company. If everybody would do the same they will wake up they don’t own the company the stockholders do!

      • Just because you don’t listen to Fox news doesn’t mean others don’t have a right to. We pay for our subscription too. Fox News is a very popular channel, regardless of whether or not you choose to tune in to it. So you don’t listen to it. Well, guess what? Others do, and they have a right to. If Fox is dropped, then so should CNN or ABC or any of the other liberal, left-wing biased so-called “news” stations. Got news for you … it ain’t all about YOU.

      • typical lefty loon (Jim Ryan)- voting for censorship. Just don’t listen to the station if you don’t like it. I would never begrudge you your stations and certainly wouldn’t threaten cancellation because a station was available that I didn’t care for. Let people listen to what they would like.

    • Shame on you. I guess you’re not dropping MSNBC. Take the high road and provide balanced points of view, or do you have a particular agenda?

  2. Funny they drop FOX News and today it’s announced Al Jazeera is buying the Current TV network. I bet they are making room for Al Jazeera’s News feed!Liberal America haters! I’m cancelling!

  3. I may have to reconsider my subscription. The Fox channels offer a clear and valid alternative to the pap (and blathering propaganda) offered by traditional outlets.
    Please reinstate; I’d hate to cancel Sirius!

  4. If you do not reinstate Fox Business Channel I guess we will not renew our contract. We have the right to hear all sides of the news not what you decide we need to hear. You have many stupid and raw comedy shows but you decide to remove Fox Business. Think again this is a stupid move on your part.

  5. I do not appreciate the fact that Fox Business Channel was dropped. It was the most listened to of all the talk radio shows that you could offer. Please reinstate; I am a loyal Fox listener. Sincerely

  6. I just joined sirius xm so I can hear the Fox while I am on the road and now you’re cancelling the program. They are one of very few conservative programs. Is this cancelling because you are liberal and don’t want to hear their opinion. I don’t understand the cancellation. If all stations cancel the conservative stations, we will hear only what the govt. tells us and we are becoming a monarchy. Please consider your ill advised decision. Thank you Sally Joslyn

  7. As a lifetime subscriber, I would like to protest the droppin of Fox Business network. If you cannot give a reason other than channel tweaking, then it was a stupid decision.

  8. If XM Radio does not put Fox back on, I will drop XM radio, and just go back to Regualer am -fm radio. It works great to. I only take XM for the fox channels.

  9. Fox news is the ONLY reason my husband & I keep sirus radio. They cost too much to begin with and we never listen to all the awful music offered. Without Fox News there is no reason to keep this thing!!!! Why not pole your listeners before you do drastic changes like this? There are losts of other things that could be ‘tweaked’. Or is this yet another political agenda against a news channel that actually tells the truth about what’s going on in Washington?

  10. I was furious when I found out Sirus is dropping Fox News. That’s the only thing I listen to going to work. The whole package costs a fortune even if you just get the basics, but it was worth it to listen to FOX. Now there is no reason to keep the *&#** thing!!!

    • You are NOT Serious, Serius!!! Really stupid programming move. You keep the liberal stations, but not a more conservative station? Elvis 24 hours a day? Howard Stern? You want to provide programming for everyone? There is a conspiracy here and I hope you lose a huge market share and many subscribers. What is the reason? Is the government offering you monetary incentives to drop Fox News?

    • I was furious too when I learned that they were dropping Fox News. When I called this AM to cancel my subscription, I found out that Fox News is being dropped from XM, and not Sirius. I guess two different customer bases. Anyhow, I am keeping my service because we enjoy Fox News, along with the Patriot channel.

      • Fox News Talk was dropped from Sirius earlier this month. Fox Business awhile back. Fox News (primary) is also on the chopping block, or so I’ve read.

  11. People amaze me when they do not do their research regarding where they receive their “news” Fox hosts have been losing viewers at an alarming rate. Hannity and OReilly, just to name two, have lost about 50% of their viewers. Hmmm, why did that happen? I would venture to say that the same percentage would follow to the listeners of Sirius.

    Personally, I am glad that they are not getting airtime. Hopefully, more will follow Sirius in this decision.

    Here is an interesting story for all of you that trust Fox news to deliver the truth. If you DARE to read it, of course……….

  12. I am seriously considering dropping Sirus. Dropping Fox Business is a serious mistake. Next you’ll be dropping EWTN. And yet you keep Howard Stern??

    • Fox Business had already been dropped some time ago. Fox News Talk is the one that was just dropped earlier this month. I also read that the contract for regular Fox News is up for renewal later in the year and that Sirius / XM is currently making no move to renew it. Sirius majority owner is now Liberty Media – huge liberal bias. When you drop your most listened too stations … it’s clear it is not a bandwidth issue. It’s all about censoring any viewpoint that doesn’t fall in line with the wacky left.

  13. We have 3 subscriptions and listen to Fox Business all the time. It needs to be reinstated ASAP. Why don’t you drop some of the stupid celebrity channels for a change?

  14. I listen to the oldie stations and fox news, I guess you think customers like myself are not worth keeping. I’ll buy CD’s. Do not know what the reason for dropping the channel was and I do not care, I like to listen to different views and decide for myself. Good Bye!

  15. I used to subscribe to XM but it was mediocre at best. I hated Sirius because it was pervert oriented and that is far worse than mediocre. When they merged I decided that I would never subscribe again. I would love to see XM and Sirius split up because maybe someday XM could become less than offensive again.

  16. You are all a bunch of tools. The reason they are getting rid of this channel is because it really stinks. What a joke. If this is the only reason you listen to Sirius/XM then you have no real opinion. Drink the fox Cool Aide. Go ahead and cancel, no one will miss you AND NO ONE WILL MISS FOX, THE FAIR AND BAL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH Can’t even say it because it is such a joke……!!!!!!!

  17. I emailes Sirius to get a reason why they decided to do this and their reply was “we have no information to share withyou at this time.” But they “understand I am a passionate about Fox.” Uh, I never really listen to it, I just wanted to know why they are dropping a popular program. It is obvious there are puppetmasters at work here trying to silence anyone that doesn’t tow the liberal line. Obama won’t let Fox attend press briefings and Al Gore would rather to business with terrorists than a Libertarian. Soros money will likely be enough to cover any subscription cancellations. Their silence is deafening. The left wing zealots are scared to death of any voice that exposes the truth or anything that might hurt Obama’s feelings.. Sirius censoring free speech should make everybody’s blood curl. I will be dropping these cowards when my subscription runs out. They’ve aways been overpriced anyway, not to mention the harassing phone calls I received from them harassing me to renew. Kiss my ass Sirius.

  18. Listen to the stupid liberals that will cancel over xm offering FOX, they have a choice not to select that channel, but they want to percent other free minded people their right to choose!

  19. The ONLY reason we maintain a subscription to XM is so we can listen to the Fox News channels. If it is not reinstated, we will cancel our subscription. This is nothing more than censorship at its finest. You keep some of the other crappy comedy shows and crude Howard Stern yet remove a station that at least reports the REAL news??? If you drop Fox, you should also drop CNN — but only if you really wanna be fair. Oh, wait, I guess THAT’s not gonna happen. Bye, bye, XM.

  20. I may not cancel my subscription, but I don’t like the decision. Now, on another note: So, Mary says Fox News lies. Hmmm. Well, you could make the case that censureship by ommission – what other outlets like NBC, ABC, MSNBC, engage in – is just as bad. News outlets determine what events, issues, etc are reported on every night for a week or more, and which ones get ignored or put “in the back pages”. It’s called “having an agenda”. Which news outlets are doing investigative journalism and asking hard questions of our government? Remember those qualities and services of the media – keeping us informed and our government on its toes? Let’s use Benghazi for only one example. What was our government doing there at those compounds? Were we funneling arms to Syrian rebels? Who knows? Why didn’t our government have security to protect Americans serving there? And why did our government use a stupid video very few had seen before 9/11/12, as being the cause of the attack? Speaking of lies, that was a whopper, or inexcusable incompetence, naivete or plain stupidity! This from the supposedly most brilliant and transparent administration in our history?

  21. I contacted XM customer service regarding their dropping of Fox News Talk and was told it was done “in the interest of diversity”. Really? Limiting options is promoting diversity? I have nothing against the left in this country, I just disagree with them on the solutions to most problems. I would never support any suppression of ideas and opinions from left or right and would be equally outraged if it was MSNBC being dropped.
    Fortunately, we live in a country where we can disagree, privately or publically, without government repercussion but businesses are, for the most part, able to discriminate to promote most any ownership/management agenda. In this case, the market will prevail but we all should be mindful of each other’s right to hear, see and say whatever we wish. The wind doesn’t always blow in the same direction.

  22. Why don’t you cry babies try listening to the SPICE channel. It probably speaks more truth and is more credible than FOX ever was. This is an AMERICAN VICTORY. You conservative america haters are an odd lot.

    • One more lefty idiot (that’s you Michael) adds its voice to the mix. I am mostly a centrist but each time one of you far left fools open its mouth I get nudged a little right. At least the conservatives are classy, willing to compromise and stand up for the rights for people to disagree. These libs take a ‘my way or the highway’ approach and try to silence any voice that doesn’t agree. And each attempt is a backfire, resulting in more voices and louder voices standing in opposition.

      I canceled my premium subs last night. They tried to keep me from doing it but to no avail. These days you can put stereos in your vehicle and home that pick up everything you need from the internet anyway. Sirius / XM is becoming a dinosaur.

  23. Those who are not critical consumers of information seem to hate Fox… Why? Fox is left leaning just like NPR. We need Fox because it is not as far to the left as BSLSD (MSNBC). Low information voters will always enjoy criticizing FOX.

  24. January 14, 2012

    I was tuning up and down the terrestrial AM radio dial the other day and all I could get was right wing opinionated talk shows. Sometimes I think I am in a banana republic or a Franco Spain with this far right talk. I am a lifetime subscriber to XM Sirius and I certainly don’t want to pay for some of this neo-fascist talk when it is free all over the terrestrial airwaves.

  25. I can not believe that a few individuals have the supposed right to dictate to the listening public what we can listen to. I pay for this radio service, and it is my right to listen to FOX RADIO. If you don’t like FOX News, don’t listen to it. I just renewed my subscription, and I can cancel it at any time, and if all the FOX Channels are not reinstated before Feb.10 2013 that is what will happen.

  26. I am for free markets. If Sirius chooses to eliminate a channel, fine. They own it, they have the right of content. However, If enough people protest by cancelling, chances are Sirius will reinstate the channel, or lose money. As for Mike Ditto referring to the amount of “far right” talk stations on AM radio, that too is the free market at work. The reason there are not more far-left talk shows is because not enough people listen, hence less advertising revenue, which means less interest and less profit for the stations. That is why the left calls for “fair broadcasting” legislation, forcing stations to have more left-leaning content for more “balance”, instead of allowing the free market to decide. So, who are the real fascists? Who are the really intolerant? It is the left in this country, much more so than the right.

  27. Tom Sullivan is probably one of the best shows on the radio. He is on in the afternoons, and is basically the reason I have a sat-radio. If fox talk is dropped, I will probably save myself some money, and drop the subscription, as I can still here him on the local FM channel, the reception just isn’t as clear.

  28. Friends of Hitler did the same thing in Germany back in the early Thirties restricting a very intelligent and well educated German population to only one point of view. The world saw where there went. Our number one cherished right is Freedom of Speech. Even if you dont like Fox, you should boycott Sirius or any media outlet that denys access.

  29. I just can’t believe XM Serius is dropping Fox. It’s the only reason I subscribe to the service. My family has 3 subscriptions. Guess we’ll be saving a lot of money now as I plan to cancel all 3 subscriptions.

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