Fox News Radio bites back after drop from Sirius XM


Sirius XMFox News Talk no longer airs on the XM platform and is no longer available online on SiriusXM Internet Radio. It was dropped on 12/21. SiriusXM said on its website that “listeners can tune to FOX News Channel (Ch. 114) for Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and more. Conservative talk radio is also on SiriusXM Patriot (Ch. 125) including Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck and others.  Even more conservative talk radio is available on SiriusXM Patriot Plus (Ch. 780) in the Politics category.”

Fox News Radio’s website, meanwhile, posted the following statement:

“Upset that XM took Channel 126 off the air and is telling you to accept their substitute channel? Are you dropping XM? Well, you can listen live at any of our great stations. Click the Station Finder above, or Listen live on this site.

Also, NEW to our podcast lineup is the FOX News Talk podcast including all of our great talk shows in one podcast. Use coupon code dropxm to save 15% on the first three months or annual subscription. Click here to order now.

As of 1/1/2013 the power of FOX News on Radio –FOX News Talk –is no longer on XM Radio. Contact XM and let them know that you want to continue to listen to us on channel 126.

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3) Call 212-901-4700

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RBR-TVBR observation: We’ve heard that it could be simply politics. As soon as Karmazin left SiriusXM and Liberty/John Malone has all but taken over, the channel was dropped. While we reported that SiriusXM dropped Fox Business Channel in late 2008, dropping Fox News Talk is taking things a bit too far. We already have plenty of negative comments from readers on our site—SiriusXM is going to lose subscribers from this obvious politically-motivated move. You can’t tell us it’s because of limited bandwidth…


  1. My family has three different car receivers. We will junk them all since Fox News has been canceled. Thanks Sirius for stomping on the first amendment

    • Really ? One freaking channel and your ready to scrap your cars?…. So your telling me that a subscription can cost at least $120 a year and you pay that for 1 channel? Or are you one of the cheapskates always looking for a ‘promo’ price… Honestly Sirius doesn’t need retards like you as a customer, there are millions of other well minded subscribers who can fill your spot in the void. Sincerely Sirius #1 fan

      • I am sure you would have been singing a different tune if one of your favorite stations was dropped because of a political agenda. Gee.. I thought liberal thinking people like you didn’t use terms like “retard” in conversation. Oh wait! That only applies to people YOU disagree with. Right?

      • Nice comments from Sirius #1. Your discriminatory comments only display your lack of education and any moral values. Also, learn to read. He didn’t say he was going to junk his cars, but he is going to junk the radios. I’d be surprised if you were smart enough to comprehend anything discussed on channel 126.

      • Hey Sirius #1 fan, the only worthy content that Sirius broadcasts is conservative talk radio & shows and some great music of the past (before the 1990s). The liberal bafoons (who can’t argue their way out of a wet paper bag) try to silence conservative speech because (God knows) they couldn’t win an audience on their own. I’m in in dropping both my subscriptions unless Fox comes back!!!!

      • You, my friend, are in denial! They will lose a lot of subscribers over this!! And for a platform that has struggled from it’s inception, I don’t see it being around much longer. So enjoy, it may be gone soon!

      • sounds like sirius has a political agenda I wasn’t aware of. Is it an anti american station exerting its’ power over the hard working factory worker that I am. Will i refuse to listen to a socialistic, commuistic radio station. I get enough of that when Obama gets on his soap box and whitewashes everything he says and does then points his finger to blame everyone else for his inabilities.

      • @Sirius #1 fan – What are you talking about? If subscribers had the possibility pay for only what radio or TV channels they liked, nobody would be complaining. Sirius-XM radio, just like the cable industry, have increased the price of their annual subscription, but have decreased the quality of their service as well as the number of available channels.
        The Progressive Liberal that I’m doesn’t listen to Fox News or to Fox radio or even watch Fox News. However, they should be available to their audience. Those are people who pay their hard-earned money for a service that they are expecting to get.
        I would dump Sirius-XM if they cut any of the channels that I frequently listen to.

        Sirius-XM should start thing about new business strategies. At home, I can listen to over 2000 internet radios through my Logitech SqueezeBox. In only a few years, our cars will have an accessibility to the internet (the Tesla S already provides it), thus to thousands of internet radios from around the world. I predict that Sirius-XM will end up going out of business when this happens.

      • And another blathering liberal tool presents another reason why the sub 60 UQ should be institutionialized.

        Incidentally, I dropped them too…off the things I like or I go elsewhere. It’s all a part of that “self determination” thing. (Quite honestly, you have to doubt a business plan that tosses $500 mil at that slag Stern, which is why I tosse their stock as well.)

  2. I really enjoyed John Gibson. I would record his talk show on my new XMp3i where I can record it first then listen while I’m at the gym. Now I have no reason to continue and will request a refund since I paid up for the year. I guess I wasted my money on the player as well since I only got to use it about 5 months. I’m very disappointed in how inconsiderate the new owner is. But now I’ve found a way to listen to other shows on my cell phone for free. Thanks for nothing XM/Sirius. I guess I’m done with you and your political agenda.

  3. Jan. 20, 2013
    I just called sirius xm and was told only Sirius carries fox talk and fox news and XM was cancelled. I thought xm and Sirius merged! What do I know. So still don’t know except I still get it on my Sirius radio. If it is ever cancelled, I too will cancel my subscription!

  4. I just spoke to customer service and a manager (the more people at sirius who know why I’m dropping them, the better). They did “push” chnl 114, I said I wanted FOX talk radio/FOX business back on xm, and said I am dropping the subscription to sirius until I hear they have been put back on. I told Bernard (manager) that I had a brand new radio in its pkg (to go in van) along with my existing radio in the car. I do not intend to sell it/them on ebay as I do not want anyone else to purchase a sirius subscription with them. The more subscriptions dropped, the less $$ they receive, ahhhh … .the power behind capitalism.

    • I just cancelled. Told them when Fox News Talk returns then I return!

      01/29/2013 Refund Requested $92.34 $0.00 $0.00 $0.00

  5. It is Obama and his “ilk” that want FOX NEWS TALK OFF THE AIR. It is not a secret that Obama hates Fox, and talk radio that disagree with his point of view. Let’s face it, he doesn’t have the nerve (I could use a better word) to appear on OReilly, Hannity etc. Shame on you XM giving into the worst, most spoiled person that has ever been elected. Have you ever heard of Freedom of Speech. I will be demanding a refund and never recommending this radio station to anyone. YOU SUCK!!!!

    • This is the dumbest reply I have ever read, none of it makes sense’ Almost as if they are trying to be the stupidest person to ever post online, quite an accomplishment.

    • @julie – That’s a silly and stupid comment. Obama has absolutely nothing to do with how the management at Sirus-XM is running their business. I bet that you believe that Obama is also responsible for Sirus-XM dropping Playboy radio. He is also responsible for Sirus-XM increasing the price of our subscription.

  6. I’ve had SiriusXM for 4 years and will not renew when my subscription is up. Dropping Fox Talk is major B.S. Even though I enjoy many other channels, it’s a matter of principle for me. If they can drop my favorite station then I can drop them.

  7. I just renewed my subscription. Have no use for Sirius if there’s no Fox. Anyone know if I can get a refund for services not delivered. It isn’t but a few bucks but still……

    • Yes, they will refund you the money for the remainder of your subscription. I just called to cancel last week and they will try to give you a promo deal or in home radio for free (canceled one, the other subscrip is $5/month til July, then I cancel). The balance was credited to my credit card. The rep said she would “escalate” my concerns about deleting Fox news talk and that a lot of people had been calling with the same complaint.

  8. The two companies can’t split. XM almost went bankrupt once which is why the two merged. They won’t be around for to much longer since you can get fox news radio app and listen for free. Plus with free internet radio why do we even pay for the same three songs on the music stations, Oh yeah the talk radio! Bring it back or I will cut out the extra bill!

  9. Called the other night to drop Sirius. Explained that if they dropped Fox, they are dropping me as well. No arguments and no problem – immediate credit for remaining time plus an offer for 3 months free (probably to give Sirius time to re-do the deal). Agent sounded like all they have been doing the past few weeks is handling cancellations – good, keep it up !!

  10. I already have phone/BlueTooth in my car so instead of spending $$$$ to renew Sirius/XM (just to listen to Fox-Patriot)I’m having the factory audio upgraded to include BlueTooth audio. I’ll now stream Fox News and Pandora through my phone…..which already includes unlimited data.
    So long Sirius/XM. You lose.

  11. I’m going to not re-up when my membership expires. Stern 100 is boring, plus he rarely is there anymore. And the obvious censorship move of dropping Fox News Talk is offensive. I’ll just use the TuneIn Radio app on my iPhone through Bluetooth in my car, just as I do at home. I hope 1000’s of customers flee from this company.

    • I dropped it too. I have had enough of this! It truly was the main reason that I had Sirius in my truck. I drive a lot and Fox kept me informed and awake. Now to use Tunein and Fox Radio. This is a sad, sad day in the Free World!

  12. Cancelled today but made sure they knew it was because of FOX…asked them why they kept Howard Stern but not FOX?

    • Because Howard Stern Fans makeup over 70% of the subscribers at Sirus. Fox News was a small percentage and Fox wanted to much for the airing rights. So you want to blame someone, blame Robert Murdox (Fox Owner) for not being able to negotiate a deal to keep Fox on Sirus, You will not see Fox back with Murdox in charge.

  13. I am committed to keeping abreast with the problems that this country is facing.It is obvious that XM has decided to cut 126 because the truth is scary and XM has issues with truth and facts. I will be cancelling my 3 subscriptions and using the funds to follow conservative talk in a podcast format.

  14. Maybe Fox should reconsider its posture given all those enraged wingnuts promising to drop their Sirius subscription. Fox News on Sirius could lose a lot of listeners…

  15. Why did Sirius-XM drop Playboy? The morning show was is one of the most entertaining programs on Sirius. Subscription coming up soon. Probably won’t renew.

    • Dropped my favorite channel. Howard is good but getting comercial. Lifetime subscription so Im along for the ride. No other news stories on this today?

  16. I can’t believe they took the Playboy channel off now too! They gave about 2-3the days notice. Does anyone know why?

  17. I cancelled a full fleet of vehicles over this.
    I called and found that the operator was well aware of the protest,
    and actially apologetic. But said it was a decision from the higest level

    For those above who don’t understand why I would exercise my perogative
    to express myself, I’m sorry. When you rely on the government to do all your thinking, you probably don’t know how to figure out how our collective
    dissent is a powerful tool in a free enterprise economy.

  18. I am ready to drop Sirius because they have dropped several stations I listen to on a regular basis. You might as well drop all satellite radio and go back to Am and FM

  19. I had three Sirius accounts. Enjoyed listening to Howard Stern for 15 years until the last presidential elections when Stern continuously trashed conservatives and praised Obama daily. When Sirius dropped Fox News, I dropped Sirius. I thought I would miss Sirius but found everything I needed through apps on my iPhone. Sirius will never get a dime of my hard earned money again.

  20. Sirius came with car so i thought it was good stuff. i originally liked sirius because i thought it was advetising-free. but now all the stations i tune into have ads. What? i doint want to pay for ads. I’m not renewing.

  21. Truth be told, you can get the exact same content on any of the SXM talk channels for about 20 minutes out of each hour. Ads for natural testosterone boosters, credit repair and Estroven 🙂

  22. I’m really sad that people made 48 other comments after the first one and no one bothered to point out that private companies making a content decision isn’t usually considered a first amendment violation.

    This is even more sad given all the radio time Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh spent decrying the “fairness doctrine.” Both of them advocated loudly against a policy that would tell private broadcasters what viewpoints they could broadcast precisely because doing so would violate the first amendment.

    Ditch XM because it dropped your favorite channel. Makes sense. But a private company dropping your favorite channel is not “stomping on the first amendment.”

  23. I’m late to the realization that Fox Talk was cancelled as I only turn it on during long road trips. Called Sirius and they told me I could still listen to Fox News. We’re cancelling two Sirius subscriptions and demanding a refund. Censorship is ugly, and that is what this is.

    • Don’t feel bad. I just found out that 114 was no longer working. I have 2 units and a traffic subscription that I will be cancelling. This isn’t the only reason, but as others have stated, Sirius is continuing to eliminate content that makes it worth while to keep a satellite subscription.

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