Six-Second Ads Head To FOX Sports


Just in time for the start of the National Football League regular season and Major League Baseball playoffs, there will be a new six-second spot.

No … it has noting to do with where the football is being placed after a Time Out or a replay on a disputed baseball call. Rather, the ultra-quick commercial first used by FOX during its Aug. 13 Teen Choice 2017 awards telecast will now be used in limited quantities by FOX Sports.

Fox Networks Group announced Thursday morning it will offer “a limited number” of six-second ad format across the FOX Sports portfolio. Specifically, they will air during FOX Sports’ NFL and MLB coverage on FOX.

The :06 spots will also appear on select NCAA Men’s Division I college football telecasts and Major League Soccer games aired on FOX’s FS1 pay-TV channel.

The six-second ads during sports programming will debut on FOX’s America’s Game of the Week on Sept. 10, the main day for the first week of regular-season NFL games.

Joe Marchese, FOX Networks Group’s President/Advertising Revenue, said, “Working with brands and agencies that choose to buy these new formats, we will heighten consumer engagement with and immersion in our content while simultaneously giving meaningful attention and focus to brand messages. We have already been collaborating with brands and agencies that understand the need to evolve the model. They are the ones that are going to receive the prime attention and get ahead, leaving behind those that try to make everything fit a legacy TV buying model.”

The six-second ad format will be deployed in a variety of forms, including a shorter commercial load or in-game execution, FOX said.

FOX did not reveal which brands will be the first to use the :06 spots for sports telecasts. The Teen Choice 2017 awards show saw Duracell and confectioner Mars as the inaugural advertisers using the format.

FOX says the :06 inventory for Teen Choice 2017 sold out and delivered “higher than average brand and message recall levels, and also excelled in positive response.”