Skyview Networks Bets On A Big Sports Gaming Pact


One of the nation’s foremost sports betting information networks has partnered up with a key sports audio company “to further gain market share and sponsorship opportunities.”

VSiN‘s partnership with Skyview Networks comes despite the shutdown of casinos in Las Vegas and a halt to all live sports league play due to the COVID-19 virus.

That said, news of the partnership came just hours before the start of the highly anticipated National Football League’s Draft Day — a big bettor’s event.

With 21 states recently legalizing sports betting and 21 more states with active legislation on the docket, VSiN is counting on increased demand for sports betting programming and analysis — information tied to what, pre-COVID 19, was on track to become a multi-billion dollar industry.

Specifically, the VSiN deal will see Skyview Networks serve as the exclusive sales partner for VSiN’s 24/7 lineup, its SiriusXM channel (204), and its one-minute “Action Updates.”

Skyview Networks will also manage affiliate relations; Skyview already provides network sales, broadcast distribution, and technical and software solutions for broadcast distribution and management.

“As sports betting expands across the country, VSiN has carved a unique position in the industry through its unmatched ability to deliver the insight and analysis this new and growing audience needs,” VSiN CEO Brian Musburger said. “VSiN has significantly expanded both its video and audio distribution over the past year, and as we continue to grow into one of the leading syndicators of sports content, we’re excited to partner with Skyview Networks, whose understanding of the sports audience, ability to surgically target relevant audiences, and close ties with sports leagues will be integral to our future growth.”

VSiN’s 24/7 lineup of sports betting programming includes morning show “Follow the Money,” Brent Musburger’s “My Guys in the Desert,” the analytics driven “A Numbers Game,” and “Lombardi Line,” hosted by former NFL executive Michael Lombardi.