Small businesses advised to use television


TV RemoteMost readers of RBR-TVBR are of one mind when it comes to businesses using broadcasting – they’re for it! But our readers are thinking advertisers, while a recent article in “Small Business Trends” is thinking the actual sets themselves. But we thought maybe we could take the SBT idea one step further.

Writing for SBT, Craig Sutton said a number of business categories are already making use of in-house television, and it they are not, they should be. The bottom line is that it functions as an amenity to enhance the experience of their customers. They can also be used for internal staff purposes.

He said natural businesses that should consider television sets are the bar/restaurant/coffee shop group; businesses with lobbies and in-office traffic; any business with a waiting room; and health/fitness operations.

There are of course all kinds of options on set types; further, local MVPDs may be able to offer a program package tailored to the specific needs of a business of any type. And the even better news is that much of the cost associated with offering television access to customers is tax deductible. TV adopters are of course advised to consult with their financial advisers before acting on that last one.

RBR-TVBR observation: We got to thinking that if a television is seeking to turn a business into a client, and notices that the business is ripe for the addition of television sets but has none, then perhaps television sets can be used as a deal sweetener. In a perfect world, a company that becomes a loyal client can be persuaded to keep the set tuned to your station.

Wouldn’t it be cool to gain advertising dollars and viewers in one fell swoop?

If the dollars are right, perhaps a perk like this might do the trick with a hard-to-sell prospect. At the very least, it’s food for thought.