Smart Handheld Combo Gimbal/Cameras: A Game-Changer for Radio Hosts?


FeiyuTech, a Chinese company focused on video stabilization technology, has unveiled a new line of tiny pocket-sized smart FeiyuPocket2 and FeiyuPocket2S Gimbal Cameras for outdoor, travel, action video and photography, social media video posting, and vlogs.

Based on the FeiyuPocket combination gimbal camera, the new next generation FeiyuPocket2 and FeiyuPocket2S lets users record professional anti-shake image stabilized video on the fly, everywhere they go. Featuring powerful intelligent shooting functions for both novice and professional photography users alike, including 4K/60fps high-definition high frame rate video up to 120Mbps, AI Anti-Distortion mode, Micro High-Torque Mechanical Anti-Shake Technology, 2.0 large aperture, 120° to 130° ultra wide-angle 6-glass high-definition lens for a wider field of view while shooting, built-in speakers, and support for extended external microphones. The FeiyuPocket2S is geared towards professional videographers and photographers and the FeiyuPocket2 is for more personal use.

With the advancements in high-capacity 5G wireless technology, more and more people are choosing to broadcast live videos on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube, and other sites, vlogs, and blogs to share their daily lives or promote their businesses.

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