Digital Growth Made Easy: Monthly Tips Arrive


A Toronto-based provider of digital audience engagement and revenue-generating tools for radio stations across the U.S. and Canada is ready to launch a monthly series of free webinars to help potential clients take full advantage of the opportunities digital has to offer.

The first webinar from SoCast is scheduled for Wednesday (1/23) at 2pm Eastern/11am Pacific.

Free registration is available to everyone in the radio industry by clicking here.

“The reason we’re doing this series is because we love radio and we know how radio can win with digital,” says SoCast CEO Elliott Hurst. “The advertising pie is growing by double-digits annually, and the growth is all in digital. Radio is poised to take its piece, but needs help figuring out how to make digital growth easy and profitable. We made the webinar series free so that we can share that knowledge with as many radio folks as possible.”

Throughout the free series, SoCast webinars will tackle a wide range of topics, including:

  • how radio sellers can become local digital advertising experts
  • how to generate revenue from external sites and social media
  • how to create engaging content for digital;
  • how to program your digital day – complementing on-air content with digital
  • how to identify and gather ‘meaningful’ audience data and use it effectively

“Engaging audiences in digital is essential to the evolution of radio,” stated Sandy Hurst, Chief Operating Officer of SoCast. “The audience insights gleaned from digital are often misunderstood or not fully leveraged. It’s important to understand what data to gather and how to use it, for both programming and sales success.”

Eric Eisen, Director of Sales and Marketing for SoCast, will present each webinar.

He said, “Our first webinar for 2019 will take a 40,000-foot view of the digital landscape and focus on what radio stations need to know about digital in 2019. By embracing digital, radio can continue to be the leading powerhouse local medium.”

SoCast’s content management and advertising platform for radio is also used in Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand, and in select African nations.