South Central flips Jack-FM to CHR in Knoxville


Its Variety Hits WQJK-FM (Jack-FM) is now CHR: 95.7 Power FM. It’s being labeled as “the best of pop, urban, alternative, hip-hop and rock music – all delivered with an upbeat attitude.” The PD is Randy Chambers–also PD of sister Classic Rocker WIMZ-FM.

From the station’s press release: “Power FM is a high-impact format, playing Maximum Hits with no annoying DJ chatter…more maximum hits, less talk…so turn the Power on and join the young or young-at-heart with the freshest radio station to energize the Greater Knoxville Area since Edison invented the light bulb! You’ll hear artists like Katy Perry, Lady Ga Ga, Maroon 5, One Direction, Pink and Usher – just to name a few!”

“We’re all very excited to be adding 95.7 Power FM to our cluster of stations. Power FM will be an exciting addition to the Knoxville market and we think listeners will enjoy the contemporary music without a lot of interruptions,” said GM Terry Gillingham.


  1. Terrible news. This was my favorite radio station. Now I’m going to have to find somewhere else to get my 80’s music

  2. This is crap! Jack was the best station this town (knoxville) had. Enough with this contemporary music because it is all garbage. Bring back jack they played real music. I hope they realize they just lost a ton of listeners by doing this!

  3. I hate the new layout!!! Jack FM was my favorite station, but now I turn it on and I hear a bunch of crap… that’s what the music on the station is now- crap!

  4. did O-buthead have something to do with this? this new crap sucks, I loved jack, please bring it back! We definately won’t be listening to this new station…. what ever it is!

  5. That was a mistake. Bring Jack back. That was the best all-around station in the Knoxville market. I guees I will be taking 95.7 off my presets. Just a bad, bad move. Listen to the fans. All we need is more bubble gum radio music around here.

  6. WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!? I agree completely with all these other posts! Jack FM was unlike an station I’ve ever heard because it played the top hits from many years….not just the flavor of the day. Knoxville already has this exact format with 102.1! Why do you think we need another one?

    Ditto….BRING JACK BACK!!!!!!!!

  7. I totally agree with the previous message, you are swapping apples for oranges, and we already have plenty of oranges! You fools, bring back Jack!!

  8. Jack was the ONLY preset station I had programmed into my car. After getting irritated with the music and cutting the radio off several days in a row, I finally started listening for a call sign and THAT’S when I realized 95.7 was no longer JackFM. I immediately started googling to see if it had just moved to another station (leading me here), but alas, no such luck. BRING JACK BACK!! Like really – there are a dozen other stations I can listen to if I want to hear “Call Me Maybe” every hour, Jack was different and that’s why people liked it!

  9. I guess I will have to surrender to an IPOD when I am driving around. This new station is targeted at a whole different audience, a group that I am not in. The audience this new channel is aimed at already has plenty of channels to chose from, those that like Jack FM will have to listen to Iheartradio, IPOD’s or XM radio if they live in the Knoxville area.

  10. Hey Terry Gilligan, go back to the desert island and the Skipper and rethink this decision to dump Jack in favor of “fresher” PWR contemporary crap that you can hear on 5 other Knoxville stations. At least Jack was unique enough that it was worthy of a preset and tuning in while in the car. Bring JACK back and bring back your listeners!!!!.

  11. Freshest new energized crap! The new layout is not any better than 102.whatever….we don’t need two of the same thing. BRING JACK BACK!!!

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