Spanish Or English? Try Both For Reaching Latino Consumers


It’s been long known among marketers that U.S. Latinos are trendsetters, and often overindex against the total population on their embrace and adoption of technology.

This is confirmed in a new research report from H Code that shows Latino respondents showing preference to digital and social channels over traditional mediums.

The study also sheds light on the great debate of whether Hispanics in 2020 prefer their content in English, or Spanish. The answer: Why not both?

The insight can be found in H Code’s 2020 Digital Fact Pack, which discusses findings from its “Intelligence Center” to best understand the preferences and habits of Hispanic consumers in the U.S. when it comes to digital media.

Of course, this extends to music — a key passion point among Latinos demonstrated across many a marketing campaign.

Upward of 1,000 English and Spanish-speaking Hispanic respondents in the United States were queried by H Code for the study, which also sheds light on the adoption of smart technology, device and language preferences, sentiments around brand advertising, and the importance of culture and authentic connections with the Latino audience.

H Code founder and CEO Parker Morse notes, “Our research shows that Hispanics are paying close attention to brands, and those that make an effort to represent them gain their loyalty.”

With a $2.3 trillion GDP and accounting for half of the country’s population growth over the past two decades, Hispanic consumers remain “a crucial target for brands trying to increase their ROI,” Morse says.

That said, he adds that brands dedicate “only 4.2% of advertising budgets” to Latino consumers.

Hispanics are taking note.

According to H Code, 78% of study respondents don’t think brands target them enough and believe it’s time brands recognize the power of the Hispanic community.

“If brands commit to prioritizing this audience, they will be rewarded with increased brand loyalty, affinity, and customer lifetime value,” H Code notes.

In fact, 75% of Hispanics say they are more likely to think favorably of a brand or purchase their products if they make an effort to include elements of their culture and 80% stay loyal to a brand once they find one they like. “As a result, insight into this audience will be an incredible resource for brands looking to inform their campaigns and influence this consumer market,” H Code concludes.

100% Hispanic and 100% American

Culture is a significant part of the Hispanic market in the U.S. and is driven by the varying heritages and backgrounds that make up this highly diverse audience. The majority (84%) of respondents say their culture is a mixture of American and Hispanic culture.

“Brands must understand that this audience has interests, values, traditions, and preferences that blend two worlds,” says H Code. “Understanding their nuances is key for any brand looking to successfully reach them.”

  •     72% are more likely to connect with an ad that shows their culture
  •     69% believe there should be more ads specifically made to resonate with the Hispanic community

Spanish over English? Try Both

When it comes to language, the Hispanic market “shatters stereotypes, meaning that marketing to Spanish-dominant audiences is an outdated practice.”

That’s a bold statement that may be hard to swallow by some Hispanic media organizations. But, it is hardly surprising given trends seen across the last five years.

As H Code sees it, based on its respondents (something some marketers and researchers may question, as queries in English and/or Spanish will often skew the results), “the majority of this diverse, engaged audience either prefers English-language content or consumes bilingual content across mediums and platforms: 66% take notice of bilingual advertising campaigns because they reflect their own experience and 71% don’t have a preference to the language of digital ads, so long as they match the language of the surrounding content.

Language preference watching TV or movies:

  • 53% watch in English
  • 30% watch in both English and Spanish
  • 17% watch in Spanish

Language preference listening to music:

  • 41% listen to English and Spanish
  • 40% listen in English
  • 19% listen in Spanish


Family Over Followers

Some 64% of Hispanics say they use social media to stay connected with friends and family, emphasizing the importance of emotional connections, family, and social communities to this audience. The two most popular social media platforms among U.S. Hispanics are Facebook (78%) and YouTube (71%), followed by:

  •     65% Instagram
  •     43% Snapchat
  •     41% WhatsApp
  •     36% Pinterest
  •     34% Twitter

To view and download the full report, CLICK HERE.


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