Spengler on the upfront II


Tim Spengler, Chief Activation Officer, Initiative North America, spoke to TVBR about the television upfront, as part of a feature for him in our August SmartMedia Magazine. Excerpts, regarding this year's upfront negotiations:

How about digital deals paired with the traditional upfront? How active this upfront and why?

"Not a lot more from my perspective. There is definitely some money–and there will definitely be more money–put into these extensions throughout the year.  It's just very hard as you're getting that elephant through the door-moving multiple clients, multiple day parts into one deal.  It's hard to get as intricate as a lot of the extensions require in a conglomerate deal.  So there is definitely money put aside as a placeholder. A lot of the details are going to be worked out this summer, and that's what we're doing."

How could you sum up the lineup of new programs for the fall? Any really getting your attention this time around?

"No great headlines for the new season.  I didn't see necessarily any breakout hits.  I guess my overall predictions would be the ratings falling a bit again next year in prime time.  There seems to be a move towards more Sci-Fi/Fantasy, and another the premise of "pals traveling in packs." Whether they are female packs or male packs: The Cashmere Mafia, Lipstick Jungle shows, you've got a couple guy shows."