Introducing A Global Newsfeed on Culture and Content Globalization


Data and technology company Spherex has introduced what it calls “the first-ever global newsfeed that aggregates stories from around the world related to the globalization of TV and film content.”

Called World M&E News, the weekly newsletter is being offered free of charge as a service to the entertainment industry.

“As content goes global and culture becomes more critical to content success, World M&E News offers a snapshot of the issues and challenges of global content distribution,” Spherex says. “Media and entertainment companies need to pay attention to the cultural mores in the countries in which they are distributing content in order to avoid censure, loss of revenue and limited audience. Understanding the importance of culture as it relates to content globalization, World M&E News serves as a free, real-time resource for studios, streamers and networks looking to understand the global landscape as they ramp up international distribution efforts.”

To learn more about World M&E News, please visit the Spherex website