Sports Radio, Consumers And Retail


MIB Sports RadioHere, for your learning and prospering pleasure, is a complete guide to the audience for Sports Radio. RBR-TVBR has delved into the vast database of Prosper Insights and Analytics and found a wealth of information that will help you do both. Proceed!

This is the latest installment of our series that looks at how the audience of various radio formats and television program types interact with media and retailers.

The purpose of this study is to provide radio stations using a Sports format with a general profile of their audience, look at how they use Sports radio and other media, and finally, to look at their interaction with retail establishments. It is produced using data from the massive consumer, media and retail database compiled by Prosper Insights and Analytics, selected and analyzed by RBR-TVBR.

The latter part provides a target list – your knowledge of the local business community will tell you which ones will benefit from communicating with the audience you provide to the mutual benefit of the business and the station.

For retailers, use of this and other radio and television programming studies will help you identify which type of programming would best serve your own commercial message.

Introducing the Sports Radio study.

Sports radio is about men and money – it gives you access to lots and lots of both. It’s no secret that the format is an excellent place to advertise items that hold little or no interest to women, and the bonus is that this is an audience with the wherewithal to go out and buy what you’re selling. For more, read on.

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