Sportscaster helps subdue man on airliner (video)


Tampa Bay Rays television color analyst Kevin Kennedy had quite a flight back from Los Angeles on Thursday night. He and other passengers subdued a mentally disturbed man who had threatened to blow up the plane.

According to local news accounts, the man sprayed other passengers with water, but didn’t have any explosives. When he tried to open a cabin door, Kennedy and several other passengers sprang into action. Even with several people holding him down, the man still struggled. Then he broke several restraints until the passengers and crew finally tied him up with seatbelt extenders.

The flight was diverted to Albuquerque, where the man who had created the disturbance was arrested. He faces federal charges of interference with flight crew members and attempted destruction of an aircraft.

Click here to see Kennedy’s comments on the incident after his arrival in Tampa as recorded on video by WFLA-TV.