Spot TV shown as targeted solution to network scatter


TVB / Television Bureau of AdvertisingTVB has released a white paper, “Upending the Upfront/Scatter Duopoly,” which details how Spot TV’s cost, inventory, and targetability delivers distinct and significant advantages over network scatter to marketers and brand managers.

The findings are based on a TVB analysis of 14 quarters of SQAD data beginning in Q1 2009. Consistent with previous findings, in Q2 2012, Spot TV offers a compelling cost-effective alternative to Network Scatter A25-54 CPMs in a variety of dayparts including 42% savings in Early Morning, 31% savings in Early News, 60% savings in Late Night, and 25% savings for Prime time ad buys. The data was compared on a TSA level to mimic Network Scatter’s geographic buy distribution pattern.

“We recently learned that Brian Wieser, Sr. Research Analyst at Pivotal Research Group and former EVP, Global Director of Forecasting at MAGNA Global – Interpublic, was looking for a ‘credible alternative’ to Scatter purchases,” commented Steve Lanzano, TVB President. “Comparative research found that Spot TV offers marketers three significant, fundamental advantages – cost, inventory, and targetability. At the same time, Spot TV provides a more accurate representation of the ratings deliveries in local markets because a 5.7 national rating for a program may be as low as 3.3 in one market or as high as 10.0 in another. Understanding where viewership happens is a critical consideration toward determining the success or failure of an overall marketing plan and we look forward to presenting our findings to other media buyers who can benefit from Spot TV’s unique cost, reach and targetability attributes.”

Upending the Upfront/Scatter Duopoly also highlights Spot TV’s inventory advantage, based on the additional avails and content not available in Network Scatter. Lastly, Spot’s geographic targetability offers advertisers a way to focus dollars on their key markets and audiences, avoiding wasted spending in areas with little-to-no market share.

The TVB’s full report is available here

The Trends section chronicles the health of the television medium over the years. The changes in consumer behavior—from viewing habits to online and social media consumption—as well as broader economic indicators. As buyers consider upfront and subsequent Scatter TV buying strategies, Lanzano, discusses the CPM, inventory and targetability advantages that Spot TV offers advertisers.

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