SRN News offering “2013: Year in Review”


Salem CommunicationsOnce again this year, SRN News has produced a One-Hour Special anchored by SRN’s Capitol Hill correspondent Wally Hindes that looks back at the past 12 months. The program analyzes the top stories of what was–politically and culturally–a remarkable year. It has been formatted to begin at 6 minutes past the hour and follow the SRN Talk Clock.

Among the stories to be highlighted:

–The rollout of ObamaCare and ongoing “” website malfunctions

–The Federal government shutdown and the rise of U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

–Continuing concern over Iran’s nuclear issues

–The Boston Marathon bombing

–Social issues including the Boy Scouts gay policy change and the Defense of Marriage Act ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court

The special will be fed on: Monday-Friday at 5a ET and 7p ET, the week of December 23th on SES-2 (formerly AMC-3) SR6 and a one-time feed at 7p ET, Monday December 23 on AMC-8.