StandBuyMedia launches platform for selling remnant radio ads


Picking up where Google left off? Media Commerce Systems has launched StandBuyMedia for Radio and is in the process of adding stations and agencies. The web-based platform streamlines the entire remnant advertising process making it possible for agencies to handle a larger volume of business and enabling stations to sell more of their unsold inventory without disrupting or compromising their current business practices.

The software is similar to the SoftWave (SWMX) system in functionality. In fact, StandBuyMedia purchased some of SWMX’s proprietary assets and improved upon them.

StandBuyMedia calls itself a turn-key platform that will enable radio stations to increase revenue as they market and sell more of their advertising inventory with greater efficiency. Stations simply register, enter their rate card information and begin receiving e-mail notifications when offers to buy their inventory have
been posted. Once offers are accepted, StandBuyMedia automatically delivers them to the stations’ traffic and billing systems.

Registered agencies can quickly search for remnant avails, make offers, upload ads and pay for the campaigns right from their desktop. Through a single application, the platform also enables agencies to evaluate and manage their direct response remnant buys with powerful tools such as ROI graphing,
mapping and reporting, as well as invoice management.

RBR asked Jody Tester, President of Media Commerce Systems:

What message would Media Commerce Systems like to get to the Google radio customers that were abandoned?
"We are actively registering stations today and having agencies coming onto the platform to buy local radio and our goal is to help stations sell previously unsold inventory. We know there are a number of ways for radio to be bought and StandBuyMedia can contribute to the overall revenue picture for our customers. With StandBuyMedia the stations are always in full control of their rates and their inventory. We have designed the system to fit the media industry and not the other way around. We have heard from agencies that they want to be able to buy specific stations, markets and demographics and StandBuyMedia provides those capabilities. We are not about disintermediation, but complimenting and fitting within long-standing industry processes, while bringing the benefits of electronic connectivity and commerce."

What improvement did you make to the SWMX software asset that you acquired?
"We have spent considerable time and effort directly with agencies and stations to understand how we should changes and adapt the StandBuyMedia to meet their needs, not force them to change the way they do business to fit our software. We will obviously find more improvements and enhancements that the users want as more stations and agencies begin using the system."

StandBuyMedia for Radio is the first of the Media Commerce Systems products to launch. Additional platforms and applications in both remnant and traditional ad sales will be coming soon. Stations and agencies can register at: to begin using the platform.

Media Commerce Systems will be showing its StandBuyMedia platform at the upcoming RAB Conference, March 16-18 in Orlando.