Stations urging listeners to save free radio


Radio stations in Michigan are urging listeners to get involved in the controversy over the Performance Rights Act, asking them to contact friends and family, as well as members on Congress, in opposition to the bill.

A Lansing television station reported on the situation at local radio stations, where managers are concerned about the impact a new large annual bill could have on their station. Local radio GM Dave Johnson told WLNS-TV 6 that the thousands of dollars that could end up going to labels and artists would have to come from somewhere, meaning something would have to be cut.

In many cases, it would be the music – but Johnson feared doing that would cost listeners, and that in turn would cost advertisers.

Radio operators are asking listeners to go the

There, they can learn more about the issue. They are also being asked to sign petitions and contact lawmakers and friends to drum up support for the radio stations’ position.

RBR/TVBR observation: The website is fairly primitive, but it does provide a central location of avid radio fans to make their views known. We would advise all radio stations to use their own websites to highlight this issue and provide direct links to local representatives.