Steve Dahl blasts PPM in print


Veteran Chicago radio personality Steve Dahl doesn’t have an AM or FM outlet to use anymore, but he used an op-ed piece in the Chicago Tribune to mark his one year anniversary of not being on the airwaves.

Noting the recent move by Emmis to drop Jonathon Brandmeier from WLUP-FM, Dahl lamented the lack of personalities on Chicago radio stations. And he says the place to put the blame is obvious – Arbitron’s Portable People Meter (PPM).

According to Dahl’s view of things, the PPM picks up inadvertent listening and credits it the same as when people actually choose to listen to a radio station. The previous diary world, he noted, favored personalities with strong followings. He noted that his own ratings slipped as soon as PPM was implemented in Chicago. Dahl was dropped from CBS Radio’s WJMK-FM shortly thereafter.

Click here to read his entire commentary in the Chicago Tribune.

Dahl, by the way, notes that he is still getting a paycheck from CBS, “thanks to some good negotiating on my part.”