Stocks finish quarter with S&P at all-time high


Stocks rose on Thursday, with the S&P 500 index and the Dow industrials finishing at record highs, as portfolio managers and other investors looked to get into equities as the first quarter came to an end. The Dow Jones Industrial Average rose 52.38 points, or 0.4%, to 14,578.54, up 11.3% for the quarter. The S&P 500 added 6.34 points, or 0.4%, to 1,569.19, leaving it up 10% for the three-month period.

The RBR Radio Index was down 2.257, or .4%, to 515.701.

The TVBR Television Index was up 26.675, or 5.4%, to 521.372.

ACME, up 29.6%
Gray, up 7.1%
SBS, up 6.6%

Beasley, down 11.1%
Salem, down 3.2%
Radio One, down 2.3%