Stressing much?


MicrophoneIf you’re reading this, you probably should be. That’s because the odds are you are a broadcaster, one of the 10 most stressful jobs in America. The author not only feels but shares you pain.

On the plus side, there are other jobs that carry more stress.

The study comes from CareerCast, and it is based on “physical danger, unpredictability and negative psychological effects.” The full report can be read here:

Other factors are tight deadlines, managing the high expectations of others, and the constant threat of the job disappearing.

Broadcasters rank #7, and newspaper reporters are #10.

The is no specific score for a trade reporter covering a high-stress business.

“Stress can come from a variety of factors, including tight deadlines, long hours and the need to put your life on the line while protecting others,” explains Tony Lee, publisher, “It takes a thick skin and keen attention detail to thrive in environments fraught with hazards and long hours.”

Here’s the list:
1. Firefighter
2. Enlisted military personnel
3. Military general
4. Airline pilot
5. Police officer
6. Actor
7. Broadcaster
8. Event coordinator
9. Photojournalist
10. Newspaper reporter
Source: CareerCast

And now, for the least stressful:
1. Hair stylist
2. Audiologist
3. University professor, tenured
4. Medical records technician
5. Jeweler
6. Medical lab technician
7. Seamstress/tailor
8. Dietician
9. Librarian
10. Forklift operator
Source: CareerCast