Sunday Night Static For DirecTV Now Subscribers


WASHINGTON — In front of a national audience at FedEx Field in nearby Landover, Md., Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins threw for 365 yards and three touchdowns, giving the Oakland Raiders headaches in perhaps the biggest home win in a generation for those in Hog Heaven.

It was a sight to see. Unfortunately, many DirectTV Now customers were unable to see it, as the OTT-based “small bundle” TV service experienced a Night of Horrors replete with error messages and Tweets of apology.

According to DirecTV suffered “another major meltdown” on Sunday evening (9/24), impacting those who wished to view Sunday Night Football on NBC-TV or any other prime-time programming.

The complaints started flying for public consumption on DirecTV Now’s Twitter feed a little after 9pm Eastern. At about midnight Monday (9/25), the division of AT&T noted, “We were actually experiencing a server issue. It should be up and running.”

Service was indeed restored by 1am Eastern.

Most subscribers only saw the following error message: Generic Failure in UMS Provider System 503 503: 

Speculation from pointed to a server capacity problem as a reason for the nearly three-hour blackout.

Some half-million individuals subscribe to DirecTV Now.

The mini-blackout came one day after DirecTV Now added Capitol Broadcasting Co.’s WRAL-5 in Raleigh-Durham, an NBC affiliate.