Surprising fish to fry at Judiciaries


We took a peek into the websites of the two Congressional Judiciary Committees yesterday morning to see if anything was coming up regarding the duel over broadcast performance fees. It was a big negative on that count, but there are dueling hearings on the schedule for 10AM Wednesday 2/25/09. The Senate will be holding a session entitled "Ensuring Television Carriage in the Digital Age," while over at the House they’ll be considering “Copyright Licensing in a Digital Age: Competition, Compensation and the Need to Update the Cable and Satellite TV Licenses.”

RBR/TVBR observation: The House hearing, we suppose, could touch on the broadcast compensation issue, but it also leaves room for many more issues. Think maybe there has been enough of a show of force on the floor of both chambers to head off performance tax hearings? Sadly, not likely, but there’s always hope.