Survey says radio, online news on the upswing


A poll commissioned by ARAnet and executed by Opinion Research Corporation shows use of online and radio news sources is growing, while people migrate away from newspaper and television.

ORC talked to 1K adults in a phone survey, asking what percentage of their news came from a variety of different media. Here are the results:

* Television: 31.1% (down from 34.7% a year ago)

* Daily newspaper: 19.4% (down from 23.5%)

* Radio: 19.4% (up from 16.5%)

* Online: 14.6% (up from 12.7%)

* Weekly community papers: 4.4% (down from 5.1%)

* Free shopper newspapers: 2.9% (up from 2.2%)

* Magazines: 2.1% (up from 1.6%)

One a scale of one to ten, the survey also measured credibility by medium, with ten being most reliable.

* Television: 6.5 (down 0.1 from a year ago)

* Daily newspaper: 6.3 (flat)

* Radio: 6.3 (up 0.3 from a year ago)

* Online: 5.7 (up 0.1)

* Weekly community papers: 5.4 (up0 .2)

* Magazines: 4.9 (up 0.3)

* Free shopper newspapers: 4.3 (up 0.8)

ARAnet took a special interest in online news sources, and found four demographic groups that received a greater percentage of their news from them than the 14.6% overall result. They were:

* People with household incomes greater than $100K (23.1%)

* College graduates (20.0%)

* People aged 18-34 (22.2%)

* Hispanics (21.0%)

RBR-TVBR observation: These are interesting results, but we would get out the salt shaker for this one, if only because ARAnet is an internet marketing company. But the television numbers just seem a little light to us.