Suspect jailed without bond in Orlando assault


A man who admitted 4/25 that he tried to rape a local radio host while she was praying live on the air was granted no bond on 4/26. The station was Cox Radio WMMO-FM’s SCA subcarrier, Haitian Christian broadcaster “La Voix Evangelique D’Orlando 98.9 SCA.” The station is not on-site with WMMO.

30-year-old Donald Destin was taken to jail 4/25. The judge said at his bond hearing, “I don’t find appropriate conditions of release based upon the charges.” Destin has been arrested six times in the past year. In this case, he faces charges of attempted sexual battery, burglary and attempted robbery.

During a two-hour interview, Destin admitted to detectives that he took his clothes off in front of the Haitian-Christian radio host while she was on the air.

“Why did you go after her the way that you did?” WFTV-TV Orlando reporter Mark Boyle asked Destin.

“‘Cause I was attracted to her,” Destin replied.

Deputies said he also touched himself and tried to sexually assault her.

Concerned listeners called 911 and said they thought something wasn’t right. The radio host was deep in prayer around 5:30am on Monday at the station when radio listeners said they heard threats being made.

“For a minute, we didn’t hear her voice,” said a listener.

The radio host told deputies, who arrived at the scene that while she was on the air the suspect entered the building. The woman told officers that Destin sexually exposed himself to her, fondled himself and made verbal threats to her. He attempted to sexually batter her, she said. However, she told deputies she remained calm and was able to distract his attention and lure him outside the building.

The victim then locked herself in her car, deputies said. Officers said Destin went back inside the building and removed items from the woman’s purse, and then took off on foot.

Deputies arrested Destin hours later when he was found walking near the station. Deputies were able to put a photo lineup together and the victim was able to identify him.