A Virtual Media Sales, Mgmt. Summit Is Set


Swagger Institute and P1 Learning are teaming up for a third time to stage a virtual sales and management training summit.

The two-day affair is scheduled for January 26-27, 2022.

Featuring lessons from top industry professionals, Rising Above (risingabovesummit.com) is designed to help sellers and managers get ready to take on 2022.

P1 Learning’s Speed Marriott commented, “After last January’s summit, we really didn’t think we were going to do another Rising Above event. We figured our world would be on a path to normalcy, but wow, were we wrong! With feedback from sellers and managers along with industry surveys, we learned that the industry still needs motivation and
encouragement, so how could we not do this again?”

Registration for Rising Above will be offered for free through participating State Broadcasters Associations and their memberships.

An on-demand version will be available for those who register.

Derron Steenbergen, of the Swagger Institute, said, “Sales managers across the country keep saying their sellers need help. With this pandemic lingering, salespeople are not getting to travel to training opportunities like they once did. Rising Above was birthed initially to provide help to those in the trenches in our industry and it continues to fill that void today. Speed and I are extremely excited to bring the best trainers together again to give our sellers and managers the tools to go deliver more results for their clients. Finally, the goal for Rising Above 3 will be to provide lift to our industry and those working so hard to help the businesses in their communities.”

For more information about Rising Above: A Virtual Sales & Management Summit, visit