Tacher hits the beach in the Carolinas


The Tacher CompanyThere is only one area where you’ll find the Carolina Beach Music format, and rep firm Tacher will be handling representation for one of the FMs that plays it.

The station is WODR-FM, owned and operated by The Padner Group.

The format is keyed to 50s and 60s music from both Rock and R&B sources. The station brings its version to some seven counties in two states under the brand Cool 105.3.

Station GSM Don Arnsan noted, “Cool 105.3 is looking to increase its sales revenue, and adding a national rep firm to our team is the first step toward achieving this..  We look forward to the partnership with Tacher,  and to expanding our revenues through their efforts in 2015.”

Tacher stated, “The Tacher Company announces a Representation Partnership with Davidson County Broadcasting.”

WODR-FM is a Class C3 on 105.3 MHz with 11 kW @ 492’. It is uniquely positioned between four markets, with Wilmington NC to the east, Fayetteville NC to the north and Myrtle Beach SC to the south and Florence SC to the west.