Tacher signs The Original Company


The Tacher CompanyIndependent rep firm The Tacher Company has aligned with The Original Company and their 14 radio stations. They include: WFIW-A/FM, WOKZ-FM (Fairfield, IL), WTAY-AM, WTYE-FM (Robinson, IL), WREB-FM (Greencastle, IN), WQTY-FM (Linton, IN), WRCY-AM, WYFX-FM (Mt. Vernon, IL) , WBTO-FM (Petersburg, IN) and WAOV-AM, WUZR-FM, WWBL-FM and WZDM-FM in Vincennes, IN.

“We are excited about the exclusive focus of The Tacher Company for our area of Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois.  The Original Company has been a leader in marketing this large rural area and we know the Tacher people will represent our multiple outlets and platforms effectively” said Mark Lange, President of The Original Company.

The Original Company O&Os 15 program services and twenty transmitters in Southern Indiana and Southern Illinois.

With these signings, The Tacher Company continues to be the fastest growing radio rep firms in the country.