Talk Shows USA to syndicate “Life As You Own It”


MIB Reports Talk RadioThe real estate program with Mark McDougald and Co-host Craig Miller has been airing the past two years the program has been airing on KMBZ AM/FM in Kansas City.

Said McDougald, “When we decided to go national and considered different syndicators, Skip’s name kept coming up, so it was quite easy as to who we wanted to syndicate our program.”

Skip Joeckel, President of Talk Shows USA, added: “There aren’t many programs (if any) that deal with renters, buyers, home owners and sellers — and that’s what the Life As You Own It program is all about, and then some. I think Program Directors are going to like the wide audience it brings and Sales Managers are going to like the new advertising prospects they’ll be able to call on.”

The barter-based show is available on satellite and via FTP.