Talkers back to the news megaphone


The biggest news story during the week of 12/2/07-12/7/07, according to the Project for Excellence in Journalism, was the 2008 campaign with a 19% share of the news hole, followed by the situation in Iran, which grabbed 11%. Talkmeisters were obviously paying attention to the coverage of those two sagas, and upped their share of the talk hole to 34% and 18%, respectively. After that, topics of interest between the journalists and talkers began to diverge. Both thought domestic terrorism was a 5% topic, but newsers placed it #4 behind a 7% focus on the Omaha mall shooting, while talkers were putting it slightly behind immigration, which got 5% of their attention. Meanwhile, Talkers took a look at one of their own: Don Imus came in #8 with 2%, but was absent on the news top ten chart.