Talkers, newsers agree on top three stories


The agreed on four out of the top five, as well, but they did not agree on what was the top story, according to the latest Project for Excellence in Journalism talker topic survey for the week of 9/2-7/07. Talkers gave the 2008 campaign 21% of their attention in making it the #1 topic ahead of 20% Iraq policy (a week ahead of the Petraeus report). News journalists put Iraq #1 at 17% and the campaign at 12%. Both groups place the Larry Craig story #3, but talkers lavished 16% of their time on the scandal to only 7% invested by newsers. Talkers gave Bin Laden’s video and immigration 7% each; news outlets gave Bin Laden only 5% and immigration didn’t even make the top ten list. With the top five talk topics eating up 71% of their time, no other topic was received any more than 2% of the available time and space.