TargetSpot, Radionomy merge


radionomyNYC-based TargetSpot and Brussels-based Radionomy are merging in a deal that will mean the world’s largest digital audio ad network. Radionomy, a major online radio platform for producers and broadcasters worldwide has combined with TargetSpot’s targeting and ad-serving business in the US that will add a digital audio market platform in Europe and give Radionomy a leg up in the US market. The two companies had already been working together here in the states.

As part of the Radionomy Group, the combined ad network, “TargetSpot,” will also extend monetization of TargetSpot and Radionomy customers worldwide and offer enhanced technology, new products, multi-platform inventory, and expanded sales.

Advertisers may now leverage the capabilities of a digital audio network with reach to over 75M listeners and more than 80 publishers in both the U.S. and Europe.

“TargetSpot has developed the most advanced audio ad server in the world, offering advanced targeting on par with video and display,” Alexandre Saboundjian, CEO Radionomy Group. “Its expertise in building and scaling a large ad network makes them the perfect partner for Radionomy to create a truly unique global offering.”

The combined company will offer:

•           Innovative digital audio campaign delivery and reporting tools, including sequential targeting, behavioral marketing, audio retargeting and asynchronous banners

•           The combined knowledge of an international team of leading experts in digital audio advertising

•           A single end-to-end solution for advertisers and publishers covering any digital audio need

•           Customizable ad products

The business combination offers broadcasters new tools and a stronger global presence through an international ad network.

“Radionomy is much more than an advertising network – it is leading a revolution in online radio,” said Leigh Newsome, co-CEO of TargetSpot. “Combining the technologies of both companies enables expanded monetization opportunities for both publishers and advertisers.”

“Advertisers are increasingly looking for larger scale, advanced targeting, next generation reporting and ease of execution. This business combination delivers on all fronts”, said Mitch Kline, co-CEO of TargetSpot.

Radionomy is a free global service that allows radio enthusiasts from around the world to create their own online radio stations. Radionomy’s platform provides the tools for members to broadcast, promote and monetize their own station for free. If a station gains enough popularity, the creator shares in the ad revenue.

TargetSpot’s team creates rich media campaigns delivering audio, display and pre-roll video advertising across thousands of online properties. TargetSpot advertisers can target consumers by demo, listening preferences, and geography down to zip code level; while benefitting from real time reporting and analytics, as well as access to its more than 85 distribution partners.

RBR-TVBR observation: Look at it as the YouTube of online radio. The popularity of user-generated video is huge and some of those producers are making a good chunk of money for their work. The advertising is placed by location, content and demographics. This creates a similar offering on the audio side, where the ads can be networked in a variety of ways within Radionomy and with other streaming properties. Offering TargetSpot’s current inventory options via 85 distribution partners with inventory across the pond will certainly create a tremendous reach opportunity for any brand.