TargetSpot signs Livio connect


Livio Radio, developers of Internet Radio devices and accessories, announced that TargetSpot will be the exclusive third-party advertising provider for Livio Connect, which allows consumers to access digital radio content conveniently and safely while in their vehicles. TargetSpot’s advertisers will be able to reach an audience of listeners comprised of 65 percent of the automotive Bluetooth market as well as drivers of major auto brands.

Livio Connect enables radio apps to interact with the hardware in cars to seamlessly provide access to digital audio content. Livio Connect, while not incorporated into the dash of some vehicles as with Pandora, Slacker and iHeartRadio, is built into CSR Bluetooth chips reaching vehicles with Bluetooth technology, and allows consumers to seamlessly access and control digital audio apps via mobile phones. Additionally through Dice Electronics, Livio Connect has aftermarket audio integration into vehicles from a broad range of major auto manufacturers. The technology works with Android, iOS and Blackberry. Current App partners include: 977 Music, AccuRadio, Digitally Imported, Grooveshark, jacAPPS, Live365, the Livio Car Internet Radio App, and Rdio.

The CEA is forecasting that in 2012 sales of factory installed digital vehicle technologies will increase by 15 percent from 2011 to nearly $7 billion. Additionally, the wholesale market for Internet Radio-ready head units will climb to 749,000 units in 2013 from 410,000 units in 2011

“Digital radio in-car is a game changer: until now, morning drive time has been served by over-the-air radio, but as digital access becomes more readily available in auto, this will change,” said Eyal Goldwerger, CEO of TargetSpot. “We are thrilled to offer our advertisers the ability to reach digital audio consumers in their cars. With TargetSpot’s widening network of distribution partners, advertisers can reach their desired target audiences wherever they are listening and whatever their listening preferences may be.”

RBR-TVBR observation: Companies like TargetSpot make their money on streaming ad insertion. With ad insertion on music services like AccuRadio, the delivery is seamless. Often, however, in delivery across terrestrial broadcast streams, the ads can detract from the flow of the programming. Sometimes the same ads repeat over and over again (unless they sell a lot of streaming inventory) and other times awkward music is chosen as filler. We will remember that just streaming the main signal is cost-prohibitive, as artist union fees often must be paid twice if streaming musical commercials—once for each on-air play and once for each streaming play.