Here’s The Newest Broadcast Media Transport Solution


The newest member of Artel Video Systems’ InfinityLink platform of broadcast media transport solutions has been unveiled.

The provider of IP- and fiber-based media transport solutions supporting global telecommunications, broadcast, and related markets has introduced the ILC103A 3G/HD/SD-SDI and ASI Transmitter/Receiver.

In combination with the IL6000 chassis, the ILC103A integrates seamlessly within the InfinityLink platform to create the backbone of a video transmission network that can span feet or miles.

The ILC103A provides bi-directional fiber-optic transport of 3G, HD, SD, and ASI formats and is user-configurable as a transmitter, receiver, transceiver, repeater, or four-channel distribution amplifier. The module uses externally accessible SFP optical components available in a wide range of options, from low-cost multimode for short distances to 80km-plus CWDM versions. End users can remotely configure, monitor, and upgrade the ILC103A via HTTP or SNMPv2 using the InfinityLink Manager element management system (EMS).

“Artel understands the complex workflows involved in transporting video across and between broadcast studios, large venues, and campuses,” said Rafael Fonseca, Artel’s VP/Director of Product Management. “End users require flexible solutions to manage the multi-faceted network challenges they face. The ILC103A and InfinityLink platform provide the versatility necessary to manage diverse infrastructures and, along with other modules in the InfinityLink chassis, achieve greater efficiencies in providing transport over IP- and fiber-based networks.”