Techsurvey Shows Power Of Mobile Devices


Jacobs Media’s 2018 Techsurvey is out and contains some interesting results. The survey was conducted earlier this year and involved more than 560 radio stations and 64,000 respondents.

Here are the key findings:
• More than nine in 10 respondents spend at least one hour a day with radio and/or television/video.
• “Regular radios” (AM/FM) that people use in homes are disappearing. Only about two-thirds of Millennials have a working radio they use where they live.
• Smart speakers are growing rapidly. More than one-fifth own a device like an Amazon Echo or Google Home – nearly double Techsurvey 2017’s totals.
• Mobile devices are in more hands than ever. Nine in 10 respondents have a smartphone; seven in 10 have a tablet – both up from last year’s survey.
• More than half now use Netflix on a weekly basis or, more often, punctuating a rise in other streaming brands, including YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.
• Nearly one-fourth of all respondents listen to a podcast at least weekly, an increase from Techsurvey 2017.