TEGNA Assigns Digital Duties


Tegna-logoIt’s not a brand new television group, but it is a television group with a brand new name. And the former Gannett group has hit the ground running – and here’s yet another newsworthy item generated in just its second day of existence.

This time, it’s the assignment of Sean Wechter to a newly-created position. Wechter will be SVP of digital technology and product development.

His areas of oversight might be considered a basic checklist for what sorts of digital activities might be associated with a broadcast group.

TEGNA stated, “Wechter will lead the creative vision for TEGNA Media’s digital experiences and will be responsible for creating and designing innovative and engaging products as well as improving and enhancing existing products. He will oversee the continual UI/UX, design, development and enhancements of TEGNA Media’s websites and mobile, tablet and OTT apps.”

“Sean has been at the forefront of bringing cross-platform products to the viewing experience across web, mobile and TV,” said Lougee. “His vision and experience will be huge assets as we continue to expand the ways we distribute and produce new and existing video products across multiple platforms.”