TEGNA’s Premion Pushes ‘Go’ Button On DMP


Broadcast TV station owner TEGNA and its over-the-top (OTT) advertising services platform Premion have launched a proprietarily-built data management platform (DMP) that includes 2,000 first-party unique OTT audience segments.

Premion Audience Selects is being billed as a first-of-its kind DMP designed to increase the value of OTT ad impressions “and provide accuracy, trust and transparency as well as cross-platform reach and measurement for advertisers.”

Premion targets local, regional and national advertisers and agencies.

The launch sees Premion partner with MadHive, a developer of video and data solutions for the media and advertising industry, and identity and engagement solutions company 4INFO.

“Powered by proprietary technology, Premion Audience Selects delivers true OTT audience insights across a defined audience spectrum such as demographics (age, gender, geography, etc.), household details (homeownership, education, political affiliation, children in household, etc.) and buyer interest and intent in a variety of categories (such as home, auto, travel, shopping, etc.),” TEGNA says. “Through Premion Audience Selects, advertisers will now be able to target specific audience segments such as auto intenders, travel enthusiasts or homeowners.”

As audience data is collected via fingerprinting technology in the “cookie-less” world of smart TVs and connected devices. Premion Audience Selects also gathers pertinent data from any connected device and smart-enabled TV.

“This allows each viewer across any device to be specifically targeted,” TEGNA says.

Advertisers will have access to this collected data through Premion Audience Selects’ Audience Insights Dashboard, which provides post-campaign analytics, as well as Premion Audience Selects’ Audience Planner, which forecasts impressions and improves presale efficiency.

“The OTT landscape is growing rapidly and data collection on connected TVs and streaming devices remains a challenge for traditional DMPs, many of which are collecting cookie-based data,” said MadHive CEO Adam Helfgott. “We’re thrilled to be Premion’s partner in developing the first true OTT DMP that’s bringing data-rich capabilities in OTT targeting, verification and measurement for advertisers.”

Tim Jenkins, CEO at 4INFO, adds, “By leveraging the accuracy of our Customer Identity and Engagement solutions, Premion is helping solve the industry-wide challenges of scale and addressability in OTT advertising. The collaboration enables advertisers to precisely target specific audiences at scale while removing the hassle of doing individual ad buys with each OTT property.”

Premion launched in November 2016.