A New Entry for Video Editing and Screen Recording Needs


The latest version of Telestream’s video editing and screen recording software for the Mac has been brought to market.

Now available: ScreenFlow 10, giving users the ability to record multiple cameras, microphones, and screens, including iPhone and iPad screens simultaneously.

Built for anyone needing a screen recording and video editing application, ScreenFlow starts at $149 and comes with a new integrated Title Library, enhanced Color Effect Presets, an automatic Background Remover, support for Apple Silicon hardware, multiple performance enhancements and an Archive Storage feature that stores only what was used in the final finished program.

ScreenFlow’s intuitive interface was developed specifically for Mac users. Highly optimized to streamline content creation, ScreenFlow 10 features up to 250% smaller camera recordings at the same quality as ScreenFlow 9 and up to 75% less CPU usage during camera recording. Timeline thumbnail creation is 300% faster and exports are up to 66% faster on the latest Apple Silicon hardware.

Download the trial or purchase ScreenFlow 10 at: https://www.telestream.net/screenflow/overview.htm