Television news: Echostar, LIN, Rentrak


People watching TVThree more earnings reporting plans have been announced, touching on three different facets of the television business: broadcast, satellite and ratings. And to facilitate a recently announced TV deal, a trustee has been appointed.

* Echostar will meet with investors and analysts to discuss results early next month. A conference call is scheduled for Thursday 11/6/14 at 11:00AM eastern.

* November 6 is going to be a watershed day for earnings reports. LIN Media will join several other media companies that are releasing results that day. In LIN’s case, however,  its pending merger with Media General means there will be no conference call.

* The very active Rentrak Corporation will meet with investors and analysts to discuss its latest earnings statistics via conference call. It’s on the schedule for Thursday 11/6/14at 5:00PM eastern.

* Prior to sending KASW-TV Phoenix, the operations team of Meredith/Sagamorehill is getting it off their books, and coming into compliance with FCC requirements, by placing it into a trust. The station will be under the care and feeding of TV veteran James Yager.

* Chrysler is making a major television push, with three 0:30 spots already on the air and another coming in November. The campaign also includes print, digital and social elements.