Texas Auction No. 70 FM CPs being sold


FMs-to-be in Turkey TX and Childress TX are going from an extremely eligible entity to a slightly less-but-nevertheless-still-eligible entity. The minimally-overlapping sticks are in unrated territory to the southeast of Amarillo.

The Turkey TX station is KTTQ-FM, which will be a Class C2 on 107.5 MHz with 40 kW @ 545’; the Childress station is also a Class C2 a bit further down the dial at 104.1 MHz with 50 kW @ 253’. The Turkey station has applied to move to McLean TX, and move up a class to C1 on the same dial position.

The seller is Miriam Media Inc., headed by Darryl K. Delawder. The buyer is Peter J. Salazar, d/b/a Salazar Consulting.

The price is $40K cash. $25K of that is for KTTQ; $15K for KCHT.

Delawder won the stations at auction with the help of a 35% bidding credit. Salazar, who also owns a CP for KSAQ-FM Charlotte TX, would only have been eligible for a 25% credit. He is therefore planning to pay the FCC an additional $1,610 to make up the difference.

The KSAQ-FM CP is not implicated under local ownership caps. Charlotte TX is far away from KTTQ & KCHT, to the south of San Antonio.

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