'The Bachelor' Brad gets the tables turned meeting the families


Monday look for Brand to cross the country to join the four remaining bachelorettes in their hometowns and but then finds himself on the hot seat with their ladies families. (Note: if you missed last week you missed a goodie – see the review with video as there was No Cocktail Party)

The stakes are high for Brad as he leaves on an exciting, emotionally charged trip across the country to visit the final four women’s hometowns.

How will he withstand the scrutiny of Chantal’s very successful entrepreneurial father? Will Ashley H.’s ambitious career goals stand in her way of finding love with Brad? Will Shawntel, the beautiful mortician, be able to stand up to her father and his long held, cherished plans for her to succeed him in the family business?

Finally, will Brad get to meet Emily’s daughter, who she has never been introduced to anyone she has dated, and how will that decision affect their relationship? Everyone meets in NY as Brad makes another gut-wrenching decision to narrow the field to the final three women, on “The Bachelor,” MONDAY, FEBRUARY 21 (8:00-10:01 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Brad is eager to meet the families of the four bachelorettes and learn more about the women he is falling in love with.

His first stop is Seattle, the home of Chantal, the feisty bachelorette who has taken him on an emotional roller coaster ride. He gets to see her more lovable side as she introduces him to her pets.

But when he escorts her to her family’s imposing residence, he must win the approval of her father, a former professional football player and self-made businessman. Will he impress this intimidating impresario, or will his nerves get the better of him?

Next Brad flies cross country to Madawaska, Maine, where Ashley H. couldn’t be more thrilled to show off her hometown. Although Ashley has shown Brad her insecure side in the past, here she is all smiles and full of energy.

Brad is charmed by the quaint town, where the couple pick out lobsters at a local market and shop at an unmanned fruit stand where payment is on the honor system. Later that night, after talking to her proud stepfather, Brad wonders if he might be getting in the way of Ashley’s ambitious career goals. What will he find out from Ashley’s sister, and will it change his mind? It is definitely a topic that he will need to address with her before he thinks about a proposal.

The spookiest hometown date in “Bachelor” history awaits Brad in Chico, California, where he meets up with Shawntel at the mortuary where she works.

She gives Brad a tour before taking him to the embalming room, where she shares the intricacies of the process with him. It may be a little creepy, but Brad gains a newfound respect for this beautiful woman, realizing that her true passion is to provide loving support for grieving families.

However, when he meets Shawntel’s family, her father reveals that he plans to have his daughter succeed him as director of the funeral home. Will this stand in either Shawntel’s or Brad’s way in pursuing a happy ending?

Brad’s final hometown date is with Emily in Charlotte, North Carolina. This sensitive single mom must figure out if she is comfortable enough to introduce Brad to her daughter, who has never met a man she has dated. Will she be able to take this crucial step, and how will it affect her romance with Brad?

When Brad and the women meet in New York for a dramatic rose ceremony, the Bachelor has a difficult goodbye for one heartbroken bachelorette, but he is that much closer to finding his future wife. Now three women remain, and they are off on a once-in-a-lifetime trip to South Africa.

The four women are:

Ashley H., 26, a dentist from Philadelphia, PA
Chantal, 28, an executive assistant from Seattle, WA
Emily, 24, a children’s hospital event planner from Charlotte, NC
Shawntel, 25, a funeral director from Chico, CA

Hosted by Chris Harrison, “The Bachelor” is a production of Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. Mike Fleiss and Martin Hilton are the executive producers.