Ancient and romantic Istanbul has surprises in store for Ali, as she discovers Justin’s shattering indiscretion, leading to an explosive confrontation on ‘The Bachelorette’.

Romantic adventures await the final seven bachelors when they arrive with Ali in Istanbul, Turkey. But first Chris Harrison shares a shocking revelation about Justin with Ali. His carefully guarded secret is out: He has a girlfriend at home. And Ali – hurt and angry — won’t let him get away with his deceitful behavior a minute longer. Meanwhile, the pressure is mounting with two men having one-on-one dates – both dates with the bachelors facing the possibility of not getting a rose and being sent home immediately. A steamy Turkish bathhouse, a day at an exotic bazaar and group date at a historic castle with a spirited olive oil wrestling competition helps Ali to recover from her face-off with Justin. The men’s anxiety is reaching an all-time peak, but Ali is extremely confident about who should stay and who should go, on “The Bachelorette,” MONDAY, JUNE 28 (8:00-10:02 p.m., ET), on the ABC Television Network. “Episode 606”
 As Ali prepares for one of her individual dates, Chris Harrison delivers a shocking blow. One of the women who became friendly with Ali on Jake Pavelka’s edition of “The Bachelor” has brought to light something ugly about Justin. Her heart racing, Ali actually talks to Justin’s sobbing girlfriend on the phone to learn the truth about a man who has repeatedly told her he was there for “the right reasons” and how much he respected women. Armed with this detailed, volatile information, Ali, offended and upset, takes matters into her own hands and has one of the most dramatic confrontations of the season with the Justin.  The other men watch in fascination as the fireworks begin right in front of them.

 Then, putting all the drama behind her, Ali meets her first handsome date in the heart of bustling Istanbul. They wander through town, appreciating the beautiful architecture, and then stop at a Turkish bathhouse. Inside things heat up and the couple share their first kiss. And while things are moving forward romantically, Ali still has questions about this bachelor’s past. Will she get the answers she needs or will she send the man home?

 Next, a group of the bachelors join Ali for a date at the famed Rumeli Fortress. After a picnic in the castle, Ali surprises the guys with a unique competition. They will participate in Turkey’s national sport — olive oil wrestling — facing off with oiled up, muscle-bound titans. The winner will receive additional alone time with Ali later that night. The lucky man spends the evening with Ali on a romantic dinner cruise through the Bosphorus Strait. The couple embrace as fireworks explode in the distance. This guy is definitely falling for Ali.

 Istanbul’s legendary bazaar offers a magical background for Ali and the other fortunate bachelor with a one-on-one date. The two find themselves enchanted with their surroundings and one another. After a day of shopping, haggling and laughing together, the conversation turns serious. Ali feels very nervous about her strong feelings for this man. Will she be able to ignore her nerves and hand the bachelor a rose?

 The night of the rose ceremony Ali stuns the guys by canceling the cocktail party. She already knows whom she wants to invite. One man leaves totally devastated. Ali, for her part, is content that she is getting closer to finding her soul mate. She shares a champagne toast with the five remaining men as she reveals that their next stop is Portugal.

The seven remaining men are:

Chris L., 33, landscaper from Cape Cod, MA
Craig R., 27, lawyer from Philadelphia, PA
Frank, 31, retail manager, from Geneva, IL
Justin, 26, entertainment wrestler from Toronto, CA
Kirk, 27, sales consultant from Green Bay, WI
Roberto, 26, insurance agent from Charleston, SC
Ty, 31, in medical sales, from Nashville, TN

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(source: ABC)