The Bleeding Continues For Comscore Stock


The company that believes it offers a strong alternative to Nielsen has a 1-year target estimate of $24.80 for its stock.

With Monday’s trading session, Comscore shares finished at roughly half of that amount, falling yet again on Wall Street.

At the Closing Bell, SCOR, traded on Nasdaq, was off 2.5% from Friday’s close.

This puts Comscore at just $12.60 per share and continues a slow but steady decline following its April 1 slide from $20.25 per share — a fall precipitated by the untimely departure of CEO Bryan Wiener and President Sarah Hofstetter.

Dale Fuller, a member of Comscore’s board and Chairman of the Audit Committee since April 2018, is now interim CEO.

His current task: fighting a series of class action lawsuits filed against Comscore by several law firms acting on behalf of clients who seek to recover damages relating to Wiener and Hofstetter each resigning.

The announcement from Comscore regarding their departures came on a Sunday night, along with word that revenue in the quarter is projected to be between $100 million and $104 million—lower than what was initially noted. This, the law firms note, fueled the sell off in Comscore shares, and adversely impacted shareholders.

The last time Comscore shares consistently closed at its current price level was in May 2009.